2-way button module

2-way LED module

Full color LED module

Infrared receiver module

Brightness sensor module

LM35D temperature sensor module

Passive buzzer module

Rotary potentiometer module

DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module

1 I2C interface (A4 SDA, A5 SCL)

1 TTL serial port

2-way digital port (D7, D8)

1 analog port (A3)

Reset button

Fully compatible with Ard UNO R3 interface

Provides the basic experimental module of Ard beginners introduction

One board integrates multiple module functions

You don't need to solder, you don't need to connect, you can complete the experiment by

downloading the program directly.

Provide all module code library files, all tested and ready to use

Reserved expansion port, can complete other module experiments

Customized high pin headers, no short circuit contact with the UNO board's USB interface

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Módulo para Arduino 9 sensores com DHT11 e LM35 e IR

  • Código do produto: Módulo para Arduino 9 sensores com DHT11 e LM35 e IR
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